Talks, workshops & training

We provide a range of talks, workshops and training to help our clients. These can be tailored to the needs of clients or else run as a public version. 

Some examples:

Getting ahead of the external environment (2 hours)

Master’s Programme module for a leading Business School, helping students to spot trends, understand the potential implications and, as a consequence, to get ahead of the competition.

Leading Change in a disruptive environment (2½ hours)

Helping Executive MBA students to understand how, during disruptive times, success in one context can rapidly lead to failure in another. Looking at how leaders and managers optimise organisations and the associated benefits and risks.  Includes practical tips and theory models on leading change.

Increased competition in the voluntary & charity sectors (1 hour)

The talk explains how these sectors are becoming more competitive and gives practical tips for people working in these sectors as to how to be successful in this fast-changing environment.

Day to day decision making (1-day workshop)

Helping graduate recruits at a leading financial institution understand their key stakeholders and to make effective day to day decisions to prioritise and make more efficient use of their time.

Strategy workshop (1 day)

Tailored to the need of a specific organisation, this workshop typically runs with board members to help them to begin to rethink their strategy in the light of a new business context.

Innovation workshop (½ day)

Aimed at specific innovation teams who have a particular goal that they are wanting to achieve. Can be delivered as an introductory or ‘kick-off’ workshop or as part of a planned programme with on-going innovation support with team coaching and facilitation, according to need.

Presenting to the Board (2½ hours)

Executive MBA module to help students to make successful presentations to main board members.

Practical, low cost IT tools and services to help small businesses get ahead (1 hour)

A whistle stop tour of some of the low cost or free software and tools that are available to small businesses.

All lectures, talks and workshops are interactive and can be tailored to specific audiences.  Times can be extended or shortened according to need, with the content being adapted accordingly.

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