Strategy & Business Development

Assessing and future-proofing your company position and offering.


Strategy and business development involves some or all of the following, depending on the situation:


  • An assessment of the company’s current situation and in particular, it’s distinctive core competencies

  • Feedback from current customers and consideration of the views of future customers

  • Assessment of current and potential competitors

  • Analysis of social, political, economic and technical trends to identify areas of opportunity and potential disruption

  • Research and development in line with critical trends identified above

  • Development of new business models

  • Development of new products and services

The process of conceiving new products and services will need to be followed up by the business transformation and change approach for the implementation stage.

Examples of previous projects

  • Worked with  strategy department developing business cases for new services   

  • Facilitated innovation in a major new product development team

  • Increased business income through targeted business planning and follow through in a business school

  • Initiation and leadership of macro strategy project for Research and Development

  • Design of business models for Learning Services division  

  • Conception and leadership of environmental strategy project for FTSE 100 chemical company  

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