What lies beneath, and beyond, the coronavirus turmoil?

Updated: Mar 16

The past few days have been extraordinary, as the modern world as we know it seems to be grinding to a halt!

My personal view is that we are witnessing something more significant than just the spread of a virus. I take the view that some kind of financial correction was long overdue. Europe too has been in need of reform, it seems unlikely now that it will return to the way things were before the current turbulence.

Looking more broadly, exisitng trends, such as home working, concerns about the environment, or the reality that the police only have the resources to investigate the more significant crimes, suddenly seem to be becoming acknowledged and legitimised. Things that once felt a bit 'on the fringe' now seem more main stream.

So where is all of this taking us? I supsect we have a good 9 months or so before that becomes clear. Nonetheless, I take the view that, as a planet, we can and will emerge fitter and healthier as a result of our current challenges.

In a good way, I think, nothing will ever be quite the same again!

It feels like the dawn of a new era. It will be up to us all, collectively, to make sure it is a positive one.


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