The best of a bad lot?

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Yesterday was not a good election campaign start for team Boris: A cabinet minister resigned. Rees Mogg had to apologise profusely after some appalling comments relating to Grenfell Tower. Accusations where made about the Tory party editing a video interview with Keir Starmer, apparently to make him look stupid. Boris was also criticised by some for making what they said were unsubstantiated claims, when he spoke in front of No. 10 yesterday, of ‘billions coming into our economy’ after BREXIT.

How are the other parties doing?

The Labour Party are highlighting some important issues. For example, the disturbing growth of inequality in this country, the importance of good working conditions and the need for fair pay.

My concern with Labour however is that the solutions they propose to these very real issues, seem outdated and do not take account of the fact that the world has moved on significantly, in so many ways, since their ideas were first generated.

We need to be both imaginative and innovative in creating solutions to our social, economic and environmental challenges.

My personal view is that business has a strong role to play; along with government's, voluntary organisations, NGOs and others. Leadership for positive sustainable change will come from these areas, not just from politics.

I salute Jo Swinson for the clarity of her party's position on BREXIT. I myself voted remain in 2016. However, having seen the damaging effects for business and society of the paralysis of the last 3 and a half years, I do now agree with Boris that it is time to 'get BREXIT done'.

Rightly or wrongly, the mathematics of the election are such that the outcome will almost certainly lead to either Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn becoming the next prime minister.

So who to vote for? I suspect that external factors such as the slowing global economy and continued technological change, will mean that, whoever is elected, will not deliver on all of their promises. The overriding component for me therefore at this moment in time is to focus on taking this country forward in a positive manner; this does mean we need to ‘get BREXIT done’ and break the paralysis of the past few years. For this reason, I plan to vote for Boris in the forthcoming election, even if he is, I suspect, ‘the best of a bad lot!’

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