New ways for clients to engage with experienced freelancers

We probably all know the phrase ‘when times get tough, the tough get going’.

The coronavirus brings both a health threat and an economic fallout for the UK and the rest of the world. Change is in the air! Organisations of all shapes and sizes need to transform rapidly. There will be short term measures needed to stay afloat: maintaining enough cash in the business and keeping the workforce healthy.

In this type of crisis situation, freelancers are often amongst the first to be cut as they are quick and cheap to get rid of. In the short term this is understandable.

Moving forward however, organisations are going to need support to change. There will be lessons to learn from the current crisis and, lets face it, this is unlikely to be the last unexpected event that organisations have to deal with; thriving in a turbulent environment has become the norm!

Traditional models of consulting are likely to be too expensive. Equally, many of the low-cost alternatives on offer today use relatively inexperienced staff as a way to keep costs down. There is a place for this. However, the ‘heavy lifting’ will always need to be done by seasoned professionals. This is where the Strategic Change Partners hybrid consultancy model comes in, offering high value add, low costs (compared to the alternatives) and a gain sharing reward model to risk share and to protect the involved parties.

If you are interested in developing new ways of working with clients, join the debate.

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