People & Culture Change

Engaging and developing staff to have the skills, behaviour and attitude for sustainable success.


Culture change is a complex process which typically requires a mixture of some or all of the following:


  • A clear understanding of the desired culture, defined in terms of day to day behaviours

  • Alignment of the top team, something which in practice typically takes time to achieve at a hearts and minds' level. 'Top team' may well require discussions and alignment at shareholder level and not just with the board

  • Identification of some key levers which might include: organisation design work, changes to the performance management system, the development of new skills and capabilities, key business decisions such as target market segments, new supplier partnerships etc.

  • Strong communication and attention to small symbols

  • People who are recognised as role models together with celebrations of successes along the way

  • An understanding of what may encourage employees to hold on to the current culture and proposals on how these things can be progressively overcome

  • Other elements as appropriate

Examples of previous projects

  • Culture Change Programme for a major regulator   

  • Revision of HR service offering and transformation of HR capability and processes for a manufacturing company and for a financial services organisation.

  • Skills programme design and delivery to increase specialist capability for an international engineering company

  • Design and delivery of top executive leadership seminars in major organisations  

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