Financial Modelling

Whatever phase of the business you are in, we are here to help you think in a data-driven method through our fully custom-made flexible financial models. These financial models are built keeping you in mind – easy to use and to the point.

Our financial models offer you the possibility to explore the impact of a range of situations on every single parameter that affects your business. This flexibility gives you the power to pre-empt the business needs, in detail, in different situations – from working capital requirements in a particular period to expected financial costs of borrowing money at any given point in time.

The models are delivered along with training sessions and an information manual so as to give you the flexibility to refer to the elements in it at a later date in time.


Example models:

  • Single outlet retail store that is involved in both offline and online sales with differing commission rates for each along with seasonal demand

  • Multi outlet franchises with the possibility of starting an individual branch at any given date along with taking in the effect of economies, seasonal demand, location, and more

  • Finding the production efficiencies and attaining the lowest long run average cost of production

  • Valuation based on conservative, regular, and exceptional scenarios

  • Budget tracking for small and medium size companies

  • Individual project analysis (Go-No Go analysis)

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