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Strategic change partners is a one-stop-shop for sustainable change. Through our provision of information, coaching, training, workshops, talks, consultancy and projects, we help people and organisations to thrive.


Using our network of partners, we select the expertise that you need. We deliver in an agile, innovative and cost-effective manner. We use a combination of modern technologies, insight into current trends and a deep understanding of people, to help you to achieve your goals.

We work with you, ‘keeping you in the driving seat’, so that you are in control, making the key decisions, whilst being supported by us.


Whether you simply want to put together a presentation for an important pitch or whether you want to design and implement a strategic plan, we are here to help. No job too small (or too big!)


We believe in measuring our impact and being rewarded for our performance.

Through our corporate social responsibility work, we are committed to making a positive difference in the world.

Take a look further down the page to see how we can help specific types of customer, or else go to the menus at the top to explore our services and find out more about who we are.

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As an individual, you may want help with your current role, your career direction or you may simply want to understand more about your current sector, or else key technological, market and social trends.

Take a look at our coaching offering, training courses, talks and workshops.

Small to Medium Sized Organisations

Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) are the bedrock of any economy.

In a fast-changing world where the global economic situation appears to be slowing, SMEs can benefit from high quality, low cost and responsive support.

Specifically, we can help you to increase your profits and sales, whilst developing and implementing your strategy so that you continue to thrive in the future.

Charity and Voluntary Sectors

The charity and volunteer sectors have become increasingly competitive. The number and scale of needs requiring funding for volunteer time outstrip supply.

Large charities often employ professionals enabling them to compete, although in some cases the scale of the overhead costs has risen too high.

For smaller charities and voluntary organisations, there are opportunities to make use of low-cost information technology, as well as other tools and approaches to enable you to compete and he successful in this tight marketplace.

Take a look at our talks, workshops and consultancy offerings.


Funding in state schools is tight. The government is promising new funding which will relieve the situation to some extent. However, the overall situation of squeezed resources is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. How can schools make the best use of resources that they have?

Private schools are also feeling the pinch with new pension rules in just one of the challenges facing these organisations. Disposable income for parents is limited so there is constantly a need to demonstrate and deliver value.

Tough decisions are having to be made. Low-cost, modern technologies are bringing opportunities as does the possibility for Greater collaboration across the sector.

We have training and consultancy services that can help you. Our CSR projects may also provide opportunities to open the eyes of your pupils and broaden their education.


University education has expanded rapidly in the UK and elsewhere in recent years. To some extent the market is beginning to be overcrowded and the long-term payback on degrees is in some circumstances becoming less obvious.


On the research side, universities across the world continue to compete for funding. In a world that changes so fast, taking 3 to 5 years to publish a paper means that the results may be outdated by the time they are published. Part of the Challenge for research organisations is to be able to speed up the research process whilst maintaining the rigor that these organisations quite rightly treasure.

We are interested in partnering with Universities. We also have talks, training and workshops that can help you.

Larger Commercial Organisations

The world economy appears to be slowing, at least for the time being. Disruption of all kinds social economic Environmental continues to buffer larger organisations and new entrants into marketplace can lead to Unexpected competition and challenges.

Keeping your people and your organisation nimble, on the front foot, forward-looking and ahead of the game is a challenge. We can help. Take a look at our culture change offering along with our various training courses.

Good Corporate Citizens

If you are an individual, or organisation of any size, who wants to make a positive impact in the world, we can help.


Take a look at our Corporate Social Responsibility services. You may wish to directly fund, project manage and/or provide volunteers to make a Corporate Social Responsibility project happen.

You may wish to commission an audit to assess the overall impact of your organisation.

You may simply be interested in information, expertise or advice.