The UK and the rest of the world is undergoing a significant economic shock whilst dealing with the Coronavirus. Different Governments are responding in different ways, all doing their best to protect the health of their citizens and their economies.

Strategic change partners operates as a network. Through our low cost, high value-add delivery model we can help your organisation to prosper.

Further down this page, we describe how we can help different types of organisation. During this lock down period we are delivering our services online or over the telephone.

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As an individual, you may want help with your current role or your future direction. Take a look at our coaching offering.

Small to Medium Sized Organisations

Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) are the bedrock of any economy, your recovery will be essential.

During this difficult time, we can help you to address the current crisis and also to prepare for growth as we come out of it.

Charity and Voluntary Sectors

Even before the current crisis, the charity sector was becoming increasingly competitive; the scale of ‘need’ was outstripping supply. The current world health crisis is accelerating this process. Charities are already suffering, some will survive, some will not.

​The critical factor in determining success will be the efficiency with which your organisation delivers its impact. We can help you in the creation of Impact Reports. We can also help you to increase the efficiency of your organisation.


In the UK, state funding of schools was tight even before the current crisis. Governments across the world are borrowing significantly, in the coming decades this will need to be paid back in one way or another.

Schools will need to adapt and make best use of their limited resources. The Coronavirus lockdown has shown how online learning can play a key part in education.

Many private schools were already feeling the pinch, for example due to new pension rules. Disposable income for parents will continue to be squeezed during the recession that is now unfolding. There is constantly a need for private schools to demonstrate and deliver value.

Tough decisions will have to be made. Low-cost, modern technologies will have a part to play, as will the potential for greater collaboration across the sector.

We have training and consultancy services that can help you. In addition, our CSR projects can also provide opportunities to open the eyes of your pupils and broaden their education.


University education has expanded rapidly in the UK and elsewhere in recent years. Even before the current crisis the market was beginning to be overcrowded and the long-term payback on degrees was becoming less obvious. Universities will have to improve the value for money that they offer; this means that they will need to become more productive.

On the research side, universities across the world continue to compete for funding. In a world that changes so fast, taking 3 to 5 years to publish a paper means that the results may be outdated by the time they are published. Part of the Challenge for research organisations is to be able to speed up the research process whilst maintaining the rigor that these organisations quite rightly treasure.

​We are interested in partnering with Universities. We also have talks, training and workshops that can help you.

Larger Commercial Organisations

Even before the current crisis, the world economy showed signs of slowing down. Disruption, with unexpected events and new entrants entering markets was already the norm. Stating the obvious, we are in uncharted waters!

We can help you to keep your people, on the front foot so that your organisation stays ahead of the game.  Take a look at our innovation team workshops.

Good Corporate Citizens

If you are an individual, or organisation of any size, who wants to make a positive impact in the world, we can help.


Take a look at our Corporate Social Responsibility services. You may wish to directly fund, project manage and/or provide volunteers to make a Corporate Social Responsibility project happen.

You may wish to commission an audit to assess the overall impact of your organisation.

You may simply be interested in information, expertise or advice.

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